Letting of a lil water ;)

Dear friend,

In case no one asks you, let me do the job of asking.

How are you doing? How was your day?

I know everything seems so heavy in life right now.

A lot of chaotic thoughts running in our minds.

Those familiar feelings of sadness and pain seem coming back again.

It feels like you have been carrying the weight too much.

Somehow, you were thinking, where did it start?

Somedays, you feel the tiredness, but you can’t feel the pain.

You were surrounded by people, but you felt alone.

You were smiling, but you felt the sadness.

What’s happening with you?

Maybe it was you being numb?

It’s okay.

It’s normal to feel lost.

It’s normal to feel numb.

And. It’s normal to cry.

Cry as much as you can.

Somehow, those heavy feelings will be lighter if we can let them go.

Little by little.

I know it’s hard.

BUT I know you can.


Cry as hard as you can.

I’m rooting for you, my friend.


Hakuna Matata!

Timon and Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase!
Hakuna Matata, ain’t no passing craze
Simba: It means no worries for the rest of your days
Timon: Yeah, sing, kid!
Timon and Simba: It’s our problem-free…
Pumbaa: philosophy!
All: Hakuna Matata!

Yes. Hakuna Matata! Who doesn’t know that phrase? Well, of course, if you are a Disney fan, you have already watched Lion King and they have actually sung that phrase. “Hakuna Matata” is a Swahili phrase that is literally translated as “There are no worries.” Right! No worries. I have been thinking lately about the world’s future, with this pandemic crisis happening right now. When will the world finally recover? When will be the time nations will be confident to go out of their houses without facemasks and face shield? Why is this happening to the world? Etc, etc, etc!

Yes, the pandemic crisis really changed our lives in just a snap. But you know what? We still have to be grateful that we have learned a lot during this crisis right? I mean we started to have these deep realizations, we are now taking care of not just our physical bodies, but as well our mental health and it’s really a good thing as we appreciate little things in life do really matter.

Hakuna Matata! In a life full of mysteries, let us learn to say “Hakuna Matata!”

I always said this to myself when I don’t understand life, “God’s thoughts are HIGHER than my thoughts” YES! We may not understand why is this happening right now, but later we will realize and know the answer with our Whys. All we have to do now is to stay put and stop worrying because God has a reason for everything. We just have to put all of our trust in Him and we shall be in peace.

Here’s the video link for The Lion’s King Hakuna Matata Watch and let’s all shout Hakuna Matata! 😀


Romans 12:14

It’s normal to have bad days. Life may throw us challenges where we will feel the pain and say “Life is unfair. Really unfair.” BUT it doesn’t mean that it will be like that forever, right?

We may feel the bitterness and might say bad things as well to others who caused us pain, but does it feel right? Does it change the situation? Does something good happen to you? Absolutely NONE. 

It’s a long process, it’s a healing process that we need to learn once in our life. As Seohyun says, “People with good hearts are the ultimate winners.” Cliché as it may seem but it is true, right? At the end of the day, we will feel peace in our hearts when we know that we didn’t do bad things to others. 

I know it’s really hard not to feel bitter, but as I say it’s a learning process. Once you acknowledged that you were hurt, instead of hurting back that person, why pray for her to find peace in her heart? Why not pray for yourself as well to be generous in forgiving someone? Once you curse the people who hurt you, what’s the difference between the two of you? 

Always remember that life may cause us pain today, BUT life will be better in time. Being generous in forgiving people takes time, it really needs courage not to feel bitter about the pain, instead, bless the people. Take one step at a time. Little by little until you get to the point where you have the genuine heart that is willing to forgive. In that way, you can be a light in this world. You will radiate in this dark world, you will touch many lives that they’ll say that “Wow, she has a wonderful God!”


Into The New World

“Don’t wait for a special miracle
There’s a rough road in front of us
With unknowable future and obstacles, I won’t change
I can’t give up”

Into the New World, 2007

I have been a S♡NE since 2009.

I have never stan an artist for such a long time, I’m just 14 years old at that time and until today I still support them, it’s like I’m growing up with Soshi.

Aside from their A-Z talent, I just admire how strong their bond is. Even though Jessica left the group and until now, we don’t know the real story behind that, I still view their bond as one of the strongest among Kpop groups nowadays.

Hearing rumors about their possible comeback this August sparks joy in my heart. I know that they are all busy and successful in their own individual careers, but it’s true that when they are together, they shine brighter.

From girls, they have grown up to strong and classy ladies now, of which every S♡NEs would be proud of. Looking back from their debut days, I thought to myself that “Wow, they really have gone through a lot” 

New generations of a female group may come, but SNSD would always have that soft spot in my heart.


Proverbs 16:9

Looking back at my work career, I realized that I really had set my plans and goals as I became part of that company. With hard work, I prayed to God for the possibility of promotion to be reassigned back to my hometown since I was relocated to a different town. 

YES, I got promoted BUT it’s unlikely to be the one I prayed for because I will be relocated once again to a different town. 

YES, I am grateful for the promotion- I learned new skills and met new different kinds of people BUT sometimes I felt sad and asked myself why I haven’t yet been back in my hometown. I continue to work hard with the thought that maybe if I work even harder, there’s a possibility of relocation to my hometown.

YES, once again I got promoted BUT to my dismay, it’s in another farther location. 

I got scared. I really got scared.
New environment, new people, new kind of work (harder one) and it’s really far. I thought to myself, is it really worth taking a risk for? I already send signals of wanting to be relocated back to my hometown and yet I got promotions to different places. It really keeps on pushing me on the other way around.

YES, I accepted the promotion, as a grateful employee who was chosen to be one of the pioneers in a starting area, who am I to decline? I chose to help and again thought to myself that I should work even harder to extend my help and established a good relationship in that area.

It took me months to fully understand how to deal with people- personal and professional. I learned a lot of things, lots of realizations, adulthood thoughts, and everything.
Until the Pandemic happened. I discovered things I shouldn’t have discovered and it really hurt me to even consider thinking of being in the position I have longed for during the start of my career.

To make the story short, as I am grateful to the company, I courageously handed my resignation letter and decided to pursue things that will be healthy in how I see life right now.

Now, I understand that not all we want or plan in life would come true, even if we work hard. It’s always been God who will direct our steps because He knows what’s best for us and He will save us from getting harm. I am grateful for the experiences and lessons and I’m looking forward to what’s God’s plans for me. I know that the best things are still yet to come.



Hello, world.
I’ve decided to create a blog for me to express my thoughts I can’t say out loud.
Cause FYI, I’m one of those awkward kids whose words were too expensive to buy.
I’m a big snob. I hate speaking with people.
I mean I’m not really comfortable communicating and interacting with people.
It’s not that I’m shy, I just hate it.
I found it exhausting.

But hey.
Can online blogging be interpreted as public speaking?
I’m surprisingly sharing out my thoughts loud in worldwide web too.
The thing is mine are unspoken words….
And now. I’m confused.

PS. Today marks my first time blogging.

I hope this will help me stressed out my thoughts and as well know myself more.

Yeah. That’s it. Thanks.