Into The New World

“Don’t wait for a special miracle
There’s a rough road in front of us
With unknowable future and obstacles, I won’t change
I can’t give up”

Into the New World, 2007

I have been a S♡NE since 2009.

I have never stan an artist for such a long time, I’m just 14 years old at that time and until today I still support them, it’s like I’m growing up with Soshi.

Aside from their A-Z talent, I just admire how strong their bond is. Even though Jessica left the group and until now, we don’t know the real story behind that, I still view their bond as one of the strongest among Kpop groups nowadays.

Hearing rumors about their possible comeback this August sparks joy in my heart. I know that they are all busy and successful in their own individual careers, but it’s true that when they are together, they shine brighter.

From girls, they have grown up to strong and classy ladies now, of which every S♡NEs would be proud of. Looking back from their debut days, I thought to myself that “Wow, they really have gone through a lot” 

New generations of a female group may come, but SNSD would always have that soft spot in my heart.

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