Proverbs 16:9

Looking back at my work career, I realized that I really had set my plans and goals as I became part of that company. With hard work, I prayed to God for the possibility of promotion to be reassigned back to my hometown since I was relocated to a different town. 

YES, I got promoted BUT it’s unlikely to be the one I prayed for because I will be relocated once again to a different town. 

YES, I am grateful for the promotion- I learned new skills and met new different kinds of people BUT sometimes I felt sad and asked myself why I haven’t yet been back in my hometown. I continue to work hard with the thought that maybe if I work even harder, there’s a possibility of relocation to my hometown.

YES, once again I got promoted BUT to my dismay, it’s in another farther location. 

I got scared. I really got scared.
New environment, new people, new kind of work (harder one) and it’s really far. I thought to myself, is it really worth taking a risk for? I already send signals of wanting to be relocated back to my hometown and yet I got promotions to different places. It really keeps on pushing me on the other way around.

YES, I accepted the promotion, as a grateful employee who was chosen to be one of the pioneers in a starting area, who am I to decline? I chose to help and again thought to myself that I should work even harder to extend my help and established a good relationship in that area.

It took me months to fully understand how to deal with people- personal and professional. I learned a lot of things, lots of realizations, adulthood thoughts, and everything.
Until the Pandemic happened. I discovered things I shouldn’t have discovered and it really hurt me to even consider thinking of being in the position I have longed for during the start of my career.

To make the story short, as I am grateful to the company, I courageously handed my resignation letter and decided to pursue things that will be healthy in how I see life right now.

Now, I understand that not all we want or plan in life would come true, even if we work hard. It’s always been God who will direct our steps because He knows what’s best for us and He will save us from getting harm. I am grateful for the experiences and lessons and I’m looking forward to what’s God’s plans for me. I know that the best things are still yet to come.

9 thoughts on “Proverbs 16:9

  1. I am here if you need a friend. There are many possibilities out there for streaming income and I applaud you for courageously handing in your resignation. Life is too short to not find what makes you happy and when you’re happy, ‘working’ doesn’t feel like a chore!

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  2. That’s so right…apparently we think that things do not happen the way we oukd like them to …but then God certainly has plans.. everything happens for good…I am sure you will excel…
    Stay blessed πŸ™πŸ˜‡

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