Hakuna Matata!

Timon and Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase!
Hakuna Matata, ain’t no passing craze
Simba: It means no worries for the rest of your days
Timon: Yeah, sing, kid!
Timon and Simba: It’s our problem-free…
Pumbaa: philosophy!
All: Hakuna Matata!

Yes. Hakuna Matata! Who doesn’t know that phrase? Well, of course, if you are a Disney fan, you have already watched Lion King and they have actually sung that phrase. “Hakuna Matata” is a Swahili phrase that is literally translated as “There are no worries.” Right! No worries. I have been thinking lately about the world’s future, with this pandemic crisis happening right now. When will the world finally recover? When will be the time nations will be confident to go out of their houses without facemasks and face shield? Why is this happening to the world? Etc, etc, etc!

Yes, the pandemic crisis really changed our lives in just a snap. But you know what? We still have to be grateful that we have learned a lot during this crisis right? I mean we started to have these deep realizations, we are now taking care of not just our physical bodies, but as well our mental health and it’s really a good thing as we appreciate little things in life do really matter.

Hakuna Matata! In a life full of mysteries, let us learn to say “Hakuna Matata!”

I always said this to myself when I don’t understand life, “God’s thoughts are HIGHER than my thoughts” YES! We may not understand why is this happening right now, but later we will realize and know the answer with our Whys. All we have to do now is to stay put and stop worrying because God has a reason for everything. We just have to put all of our trust in Him and we shall be in peace.

Here’s the video link for The Lion’s King Hakuna Matata Watch and let’s all shout Hakuna Matata! πŸ˜€

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