Phew! It has been more than a week since my so-called Social Media break (except Facebook lol! –What??) So, I have been occupied these past few days, doing some works and attending my Masterclass webinars. Yes, Productivity at its finest!

If you are into music you probably heard about Taylor Swift’s being the first non-British woman to win the Brits’ Global Icon Award last May 11. So here it goes, I happened to watch her speech in my timeline and it has really inspiring message about proving people wrong in those negativities surrounding you.

I just love how she constructed her message with very wise words that really empowered a lot of individuals whether to be for women and men. I mean it’s true, this life is not a bed of roses, every one of us encountered pain and that’s the reality, you have to accept it. BUT it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. It’s all about how you RESPOND to what life is trying to throw at you.

Are you gonna give up? OR will you continue to strive and do your best to achieve your dreams?
It’s always UP to your decision and action.

“I need you to hear me when I say that there is no career path that comes free of negativity. If you’re being met with resistance, that probably means doing something new. If you’re experiencing turbulence or pressure, that probably means you’re rising. There might be times when you put your whole heart and soul into something, and you’re met with cynicism or skepticism, but you can’t let that crush you. You have to let that fuel you. We live in a world where anyone can say anything that they want about you at any time. But just please remember that you have the right to prove them wrong.” Taylor Swift, 2021

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