30 days with WordPress ♡

Ayye! It has been already a month since I created this personal blog and you cannot imagine how grateful I am to have started it. Not only I can write my inner thoughts, but I could also read blogs from different people all over the world. Believe me, there would be days reading other blog posts like is this person writing my thoughts, how could she read mine? It’s really amazing to know that there’s a strong connection that links us even though we live in different countries, races, and cultures. It makes me realize how powerful writing could be!

Anyways, as of this writing, I have written 8 blogs and reached 100 followers! 😉 I am thankful for the readers who spent their time reading, liking, and following my blogs. There were also friendly people who would leave some comments in my posts, please do understand, I really do appreciate all of it but sometimes I could only reply with a star or “thank you” — I’m sorry, I’m just being an introvert 😀 What makes me happier is that whenever I read comments saying how they could relate to my posts, it’s really heart-warming 🙂

Let me share my small wins in my first month:

I know I’m still lacking, but I’m learning to improve my writing skills so that I could express more of my thoughts the way readers could also connect. This blog is actually created for personal reasons, but I’m so thankful that I got to learn as well to other people by reading their own stories. I am really happy and excited to write more blogs, read other blogs and interact with you in the coming days. I want to thank everyone for everything and send you warm virtual hugs! I pray that you will be always be safe and stay healthy! Thank you so much 🙂

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