Right Here in the Waiting.

Have you ever waited patiently in line for something that you really wanted to buy for so long that you even save some of your allowances for it but unfortunately when it was finally your turn, the shop owner told you it runs out of stock? It would be a frustrating and heartbreaking moment that you’ll start to pity yourself and ask, “I mean of all people why is this happening to me right now?” I believe we’ve been there, we have all experienced waiting not only on material things but for some people and opportunities as well. Waiting is probably the most confusing moment in our life because we didn’t know what will happen next if we have decided to continue or stop waiting. Would it be a good choice or a bad choice? How are we gonna handle those decisions we’ve made? Are we ready enough to face those outcomes? So many what-ifs.

At this moment, I would like to share with you my insights about the book called “Right Here in the Waiting” written by Joena San Diego. I have already read it thrice since last year and it gives me different impressions every time I read and is very timely for whatever situation I am in. I started reading Joena San Diego’s books in 2019 and my first purchased book of her was actually “A Million Scars and a Broken Heart” which really helped me a lot in overcoming pain those days. I was also lucky enough to be one of those who received a signature book with her personal message written that says “The Lord knows when to heal and what to heal. He will move.” From there onwards, I started reading all of her books and I am really blessed to have found a writer that really gives healing for everyone who was feeling lost and needs to hear words of wisdom inspired by God.

My Key Takeaways in the book “Right Here in the Waiting”

Chapter I….. Where are you in your waiting?
As I grow up, I learned how hard it is to wait because you would come in a season where you will ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” You would start to notice other people’s lives are getting better while you are being stuck there still waiting even after lots of hard work. I know for a fact that comparing yourself to others won’t do you good but only stress you out. Trust that we have our own seasons, today may not be that day but always believe that your time would come at the right moment.

Chapter II….. Waiting doesn’t mean staying.
I can’t forget a phrase written in this book, “You are allowed to move as long as you are still in the center of His will.” In the middle of waiting, it’s not enough for us to ask a favor to God and just wait, we shall also take action on how we are going to handle those situations. I always believe that waiting helps us grow even more our faith in God as we trust in His grace that we can do all things even if we go out of our comfort zones. Always look on the brighter side whenever we go out there to fulfill our purpose knowing that God has a plan for us and we shall trust in His process.

Chapter III….. You’re allowed not to wait alone.
It is always nice to have a companion in your ups and downs, it could be your family or bestfriends. Just a little reminder that everyone doesn’t need to know all your struggles, you could choose a few but trusted ones with whom you will invest your time. I have met different kinds of people but I only keep few ones whom I really can say my treasuresthose people who will be there with you even at your lowest point. In this world full of different faces, let’s be wise enough with people who we want us to be surrounded by.

Chapter IV….. Waiting requires moving.
Everyday is a learning process where we can teach ourselves to be stronger and wiser in each situation we are in whether it’s painful or not. Strive hard to progress while waiting. Move! Don’t get stuck there, instead learn and conquer things while keeping your faith in God in the middle of waiting. Don’t let time pass out without you making a step for the glory and honor of God.

Chapter V….. Waiting should be bigger than your feeling.
I often define waiting as having a strong faith in God. There would really come a time where you feel tired and stuck but let me remind you that in times of suffering, we shall believe and have faith in God’s will. Yes, emotions can trick us, but if we have that strong faith in God, we can endure those pain and turn it as strength for us to move forward. Life is not a bed of roses, it can also give us pain and sufferings so learn to pray in God for strength and courage to face it.

Chapter VI….. Who promised you?
“Forget the promise, focus on the Promise Giver.” What a wonderful reminder! Sometimes we focus on the temporary material things where in fact we should only focus on God as He is eternal. Realize that everything in this world is not permanent, but God’s love is forever.

Finally, I would like to share with you one of my life verse that I am so blessed to learn at a very young age during my elementary days at the Christian school where I was exposed to God’s faithfulness and so I was able grow my spiritual relationship with Him. Even though different kind of challenges happened after I left the school, I believe that my spiritual foundation really helped me a lot to conquer fears and continue to believe in the grace of God.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

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