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5 Smart Ways to Take Control of Your Finances

Anyone can lose track of their financial situation at some time, particularly in the event that they’ve had to make major changes in their life or have other issues to handle. However, getting back control of your financial situation isn’t a problem and isn’t too difficult. You’ll have to stop doing what you’ve been doing and make the effort to think about your choices regarding money and also gain an overview of income and expenditures to manage your budget more effectively. It will definitely be worth it over the long haul particularly if you develop certain money-saving and frugal habits while you go along.

1. Improve Your Financial Management

It’s crucial to have a solid understanding of what your monthly earnings are and the way you plan to spend them. Record your earnings and then follow up by estimating your expenses on an annual basis. Of course, this is an estimation at first. The actual work will be throughout the month when you attempt to write each item costs money, from expenses to the coffee that you purchase. To make it easier for you, you may decide to download one software budgeting applications that are available. When you’ve got an accurate picture of the direction your money is going as well as where your money is going, you’ll be able to identify areas where you can cut costs.

2. Concentrate on paying off debt

A majority of people deal with debt, whether it’s for their vehicle, student loan, or anything else. To gain greater financial control, the ideal option is to eliminate the debt first. Therefore, instead of worrying about how you can make more money, you should put all your efforts to save on paying off the debt. This should be your top priority for the next few months to ensure that you’ll are completely free of any traces of your financial management when you’re free of debt that has been threatening you on a regular basis.

3. Pay with digital cards

In today’s world, many banks offer online control of their finances to their customers. It is a much better method of keeping an eye on your expenditures and earnings, as the data is clearly displayed through the display. Furthermore, with the convenience of e-banking and the ease of the convenience of an electronic bank check you are able to pay for a variety of things like rent, mortgage, car, and many more. This is a huge advantage when you want to better manage your time in addition. Additionally, using electronic (online) payments usually has lower transaction costs, and doesn’t have a limit on transactions. It’s secure and quick, allowing you to keep track of your payment transactions perfectly.

4. Find out about the possibilities for saving money

There are many aspects of our lives that we don’t have to spend cash on. With the budget analysis we mentioned earlier, you will be aware of the place your cash is. This is the perfect moment to determine whether you truly have the money to cover all these costs in your daily life. To be clear, having the life of a thrifty person does not mean that you must be poor. It’s just that you’re able to be more careful in your spending. For example, you don’t have to buy coffee if you could make your own yourself and then take it along with you. You may not require the most expensive plans for entertainment or the Internet when you realize that cheaper plans could satisfy your requirements. If you discover it difficult to find a place that is expensive, perhaps it’s time to search for lower-cost homes. Explore the in-depth alternatives for everything that’s on your expense list.

5. When you spend, get rid of the guilt

There is more to life than not doing what you want to so that you can save money. Being able to manage your finances can be done when you indulge in a small amount. If you are in the mood to purchase something for yourself, just decide on a specific amount to do to put aside. It is possible that you don’t need to make an extravagant purchase each month but should you decide to do so, you’ll be able to take advantage of this shopping spree without anxiety and stress. With your budgeting, it is easy to see the amount you be able to spend every month to satisfy your wants as well as your necessities.

The most important thing to be mindful of spending and a budget that is manageable is to be aware of the amount you’re spending each month, and keep your eye on the expenses you need to make in relation to your earnings. This way, you’ll always remain at the top of the financial aspects of managing your finances. Naturally, impulsive or unplanned purchases shouldn’t become a part of your daily routine in the future, as the primary element of being in control over your financial situation is to plan your spending in the best way possible.


Are we ready?

Woke up reading on my timeline how the 6.7 magnitude earthquake news in Luzon shook the whole country while we are still experiencing flash floods due to Typhoon Fabian’s rains even after leaving the Philippine Area of Responsibility. For almost a week, we have been experiencing heavy rains and strong wind due to Habagat while still being cautious about the alerts pertaining to the Taal Volcano’s eruptive activity. The earthquake’s epicenter happened in Calatagan, Batangas so it really caused panic to people in Luzon as it is located in the province where the Taal Volcano is. Philvolcs later clarified that the earthquake that happened earlier today was not connected to the volcanic activity in the Taal but rather it is due to the movement of the Manila Trench. Ah! I also forgot all of these different natural disasters occurred at the time of this whole Pandemic, with the additional cases of Delta Variants in the country.

Browsing in my Facebook timeline these days, shook the hell out of me, most of the news was so devastating. How come this happened in just a span of the moment while the country is still facing this whole shit of pandemic. I even saw some post saying they were already confused about this whole situation as they were walking into the evacuation center but then forgot their face shields and facemasks, should they go back get the shield and mask, risk their lives again in that flood just for the sake of being protected from COVID-19? Some buildings and houses were also damaged due to the earthquake. Just thinking about it made me felt so down, how much more about those persons in that particular situation.

I actually lived in Palawan and just to give you an interesting fact, our province is being considered as “earthquake-proof”. YES! Another additional fact is that I experienced an earthquake situation when I was already 20-year-old in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro where I was relocated for work. For a person like me who has never encountered earthquakes (even heavy flash floods), I was really scared when I saw our computers with that shaky movement while my co-worker shouted at me to go under the table and protect my head. I was out of my province for 5 years and I got only experienced those kinds of natural disasters so I must say that Palawan is indeed the safest and stable province in the Philippines with no active volcanoes, neither active faultlines nor deep trenches. But honestly speaking, natural disasters also starts to happened here in my province like floods or landslides and I think it’s because of the booming of tourism before pandemic, lots of buildings and resorts were added in the province, people from other places would want to move permanently and established their businesses here, and lastly I noticed that the government even let cutting of trees happened in some parts of the province. It’s horrible! I grew up in a province where we have this thought of taking care of environment, then all of the sudden some “not locals” would want to destroy our place just because of the money.

But what really is the main thought of this blog post? Well, I just want to share my realizations today about the climate change… that amidst all of these natural chaos happening, are we, HUMANS ready for it? Have you heard about the 2030 Climate Deadline? It’s a serious warning that we only have until 2030 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to near zero before global warming hits a point of no return. Are we running out of time to stop climate change? How can we help save our Mother Earth? Have you ever noticed those sudden natural disasters coming in different countries? Are we being punished for being abusive in our planet?

As we experience these kinds of natural disasters in time of COVID-19 pandemic, may we always remember to pray and ask for wisdom and protection from God. Most especially to our leaders, to have the knowledge and strong will on how to handle these kinds of situations. May we have the answers to our questions while being mindful of our planet Earth.


Right Here in the Waiting.

Have you ever waited patiently in line for something that you really wanted to buy for so long that you even save some of your allowances for it but unfortunately when it was finally your turn, the shop owner told you it runs out of stock? It would be a frustrating and heartbreaking moment that you’ll start to pity yourself and ask, “I mean of all people why is this happening to me right now?” I believe we’ve been there, we have all experienced waiting not only on material things but for some people and opportunities as well. Waiting is probably the most confusing moment in our life because we didn’t know what will happen next if we have decided to continue or stop waiting. Would it be a good choice or a bad choice? How are we gonna handle those decisions we’ve made? Are we ready enough to face those outcomes? So many what-ifs.

At this moment, I would like to share with you my insights about the book called “Right Here in the Waiting” written by Joena San Diego. I have already read it thrice since last year and it gives me different impressions every time I read and is very timely for whatever situation I am in. I started reading Joena San Diego’s books in 2019 and my first purchased book of her was actually “A Million Scars and a Broken Heart” which really helped me a lot in overcoming pain those days. I was also lucky enough to be one of those who received a signature book with her personal message written that says “The Lord knows when to heal and what to heal. He will move.” From there onwards, I started reading all of her books and I am really blessed to have found a writer that really gives healing for everyone who was feeling lost and needs to hear words of wisdom inspired by God.

My Key Takeaways in the book “Right Here in the Waiting”

Chapter I….. Where are you in your waiting?
As I grow up, I learned how hard it is to wait because you would come in a season where you will ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” You would start to notice other people’s lives are getting better while you are being stuck there still waiting even after lots of hard work. I know for a fact that comparing yourself to others won’t do you good but only stress you out. Trust that we have our own seasons, today may not be that day but always believe that your time would come at the right moment.

Chapter II….. Waiting doesn’t mean staying.
I can’t forget a phrase written in this book, “You are allowed to move as long as you are still in the center of His will.” In the middle of waiting, it’s not enough for us to ask a favor to God and just wait, we shall also take action on how we are going to handle those situations. I always believe that waiting helps us grow even more our faith in God as we trust in His grace that we can do all things even if we go out of our comfort zones. Always look on the brighter side whenever we go out there to fulfill our purpose knowing that God has a plan for us and we shall trust in His process.

Chapter III….. You’re allowed not to wait alone.
It is always nice to have a companion in your ups and downs, it could be your family or bestfriends. Just a little reminder that everyone doesn’t need to know all your struggles, you could choose a few but trusted ones with whom you will invest your time. I have met different kinds of people but I only keep few ones whom I really can say my treasuresthose people who will be there with you even at your lowest point. In this world full of different faces, let’s be wise enough with people who we want us to be surrounded by.

Chapter IV….. Waiting requires moving.
Everyday is a learning process where we can teach ourselves to be stronger and wiser in each situation we are in whether it’s painful or not. Strive hard to progress while waiting. Move! Don’t get stuck there, instead learn and conquer things while keeping your faith in God in the middle of waiting. Don’t let time pass out without you making a step for the glory and honor of God.

Chapter V….. Waiting should be bigger than your feeling.
I often define waiting as having a strong faith in God. There would really come a time where you feel tired and stuck but let me remind you that in times of suffering, we shall believe and have faith in God’s will. Yes, emotions can trick us, but if we have that strong faith in God, we can endure those pain and turn it as strength for us to move forward. Life is not a bed of roses, it can also give us pain and sufferings so learn to pray in God for strength and courage to face it.

Chapter VI….. Who promised you?
“Forget the promise, focus on the Promise Giver.” What a wonderful reminder! Sometimes we focus on the temporary material things where in fact we should only focus on God as He is eternal. Realize that everything in this world is not permanent, but God’s love is forever.

Finally, I would like to share with you one of my life verse that I am so blessed to learn at a very young age during my elementary days at the Christian school where I was exposed to God’s faithfulness and so I was able grow my spiritual relationship with Him. Even though different kind of challenges happened after I left the school, I believe that my spiritual foundation really helped me a lot to conquer fears and continue to believe in the grace of God.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11


5 Quotes of Encouragement that Inspired me to be Stronger than ever.

Life could really be hard as hell sometimes to the point it drains out the energy in us. True enough, words are really powerful in this world. It can make you or it can break you. So during those crucial points in our lives, we have to make sure to only listen to people who will uplift us with comforting messages right at the moment. She could be your best friend, sister, or mother— an individual that you know would always be there for you no matter what happens.

But if you are like me who tends to be more reserved and introverted, whenever we need a little dose of inspiration we could listen to motivational speeches or read messages that would inspire us. Here are some of my favorites to encourage you to be stronger today than yesterday:

1. “There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try, and those who are afraid you will succeed.” – Ray Goforth

Growing up really made me realize that people could really be scary. They might be smiling and hugging you, not knowing they also have knives behind their backs ready to hurt you and destroy you in just a snap without even a clue. As I grow older, my circle becomes even smaller and I only hold on and trust few people whom I could really call “true friends”. People would always drag aspiring ones because they can’t acknowledge the fact the there is someone out there who would risk and work hard to reach their dreams. They felt that it’s unfair without even thinking about the perseverance that people had to go through. It’s so selfish and I hope people would stop being like that and instead be a support system. It doesn’t even cost you to be kind enough to show support to someone. So whenever someone would make me feel that I can’t do it, it even encourages me to do even better and show that I can do it and I can make a difference without stepping foot to others.

2. “The first step is you have to say that you can.” – Will Smith

I CAN! Yes. Say it. Shout it. Feel it. Do it.
You really have to make that strong first step to start your battle. Little by little, step by step until you get to reach your destination. You will be fine, trust the process of believing in yourself. If not you, who will start the first step? You can’t ask others to do the first step for you. You have to be courageous enough to do it yourself. Oftentimes, we keep thinking that it seems impossible to reach our goals, when in fact we didn’t even trust ourselves first that we can do it. You know what, believing in ourselves can really be the inner strength that no one could snatch away from us. There would be voices you could hear like “No, you can’t do it” or “You think you are good?” but DON’T let it influence you. Those kinds of voices should only be left in your back. Stand up straight, don’t look back, move forward, and say I CAN DO IT.

3. “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Dennis P. Kimbro

Regardless of what is happening in our lives, may it be good or bad always focus on how you would react to it. I have to share that I learned this during the darkest days in my life, I realize how being optimistic could play an important impact on how we see life. I mean, what happens already happened, we don’t have the power to rewind it. Just let it go, accept it, and always look on the brighter side. You don’t wanna be stuck there being sad and wish that it’s just a bad dream. Wake up and be positive instead, it doesn’t really mean that you are weak but you just chose to see life from a different perspective. You may be rejected right now but who knows what the future holds, maybe it’s not the right time for you yet or God has something even bigger than what you have expected. So chin up and smile, there’s no reason for you to be stuck there waiting for a rewind but walk positively to start over.

4. “There are moments when troubles enter our lives and we can do nothing to avoid them. But they are there for a reason. Only when we have overcome them will we understand why they were there.” – Paulo Coelho

Remember those times in our lives when we feel so weak due to emotional pain? It really hurts right? I have anxiety before and I’ve been through a couple of panic attacks when I just felt sad and I’m just there crying without a reason, I just know that my heart was in pain. With the grace of God, I am now continually healing and there are no more sudden triggers affecting me since I resigned from my previous job and finally went back home to my family. You know what, whenever I encountered situations in my life I would always think of God’s three answers to my questions —- yes, no, and wait. I realize how powerful God is that whenever He doesn’t give what we wanted, He makes sure that we learned from it and became even stronger so that in the next phase of our lives, we are ready and we could use those pains and learnings. There are a lot of times when I finally realized and understand why certain things happened in my life and I’m so grateful that I have overcome it by God’s grace.

5. “It’s a journey and the sad thing is you only learn from experience, so as much as someone can tell you things, you have to go out there and make your own mistakes in order to learn.” – Emma Watson

In my 26 years of existence, I have learned that it’s okay to make mistakes. I mean, who doesn’t? I prefer making mistakes and show people how I learned from them. I have come to realize that our lives are really like a roller coaster ride, sometimes we are too scared to open our eyes and look at what’s in front of us may it be in our highest or lowest view. Do you know what’s important? We get to shout it out loud and enjoy the whole ride full of surprises and excitement. Experience really is the best teacher out there, so don’t be scared to go out and learn. Embrace our journey, commit mistakes and learn from it!

It’s normal to feel down sometimes but always remember that whatever we are facing right now, we’ll be alright in time. We’ll be fine. We have to trust the process and know that everything happens for a reason, but we could be optimistic and strong enough to face all the challenges life throws us.


30 days with WordPress ♡

Ayye! It has been already a month since I created this personal blog and you cannot imagine how grateful I am to have started it. Not only I can write my inner thoughts, but I could also read blogs from different people all over the world. Believe me, there would be days reading other blog posts like is this person writing my thoughts, how could she read mine? It’s really amazing to know that there’s a strong connection that links us even though we live in different countries, races, and cultures. It makes me realize how powerful writing could be!

Anyways, as of this writing, I have written 8 blogs and reached 100 followers! 😉 I am thankful for the readers who spent their time reading, liking, and following my blogs. There were also friendly people who would leave some comments in my posts, please do understand, I really do appreciate all of it but sometimes I could only reply with a star or “thank you” — I’m sorry, I’m just being an introvert 😀 What makes me happier is that whenever I read comments saying how they could relate to my posts, it’s really heart-warming 🙂

Let me share my small wins in my first month:

I know I’m still lacking, but I’m learning to improve my writing skills so that I could express more of my thoughts the way readers could also connect. This blog is actually created for personal reasons, but I’m so thankful that I got to learn as well to other people by reading their own stories. I am really happy and excited to write more blogs, read other blogs and interact with you in the coming days. I want to thank everyone for everything and send you warm virtual hugs! I pray that you will be always be safe and stay healthy! Thank you so much 🙂



Phew! It has been more than a week since my so-called Social Media break (except Facebook lol! –What??) So, I have been occupied these past few days, doing some works and attending my Masterclass webinars. Yes, Productivity at its finest!

If you are into music you probably heard about Taylor Swift’s being the first non-British woman to win the Brits’ Global Icon Award last May 11. So here it goes, I happened to watch her speech in my timeline and it has really inspiring message about proving people wrong in those negativities surrounding you.

I just love how she constructed her message with very wise words that really empowered a lot of individuals whether to be for women and men. I mean it’s true, this life is not a bed of roses, every one of us encountered pain and that’s the reality, you have to accept it. BUT it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. It’s all about how you RESPOND to what life is trying to throw at you.

Are you gonna give up? OR will you continue to strive and do your best to achieve your dreams?
It’s always UP to your decision and action.

“I need you to hear me when I say that there is no career path that comes free of negativity. If you’re being met with resistance, that probably means doing something new. If you’re experiencing turbulence or pressure, that probably means you’re rising. There might be times when you put your whole heart and soul into something, and you’re met with cynicism or skepticism, but you can’t let that crush you. You have to let that fuel you. We live in a world where anyone can say anything that they want about you at any time. But just please remember that you have the right to prove them wrong.” Taylor Swift, 2021


Amazon’s Dash Cart!

It has been 2 months already since I started learning about E-commerce, specifically being an Amazon Virtual Assistant since I want to pursue a career related to that aside from Administrative tasks. Starting from product research, sourcing, listing optimization, PPC, inventory management, and customer service, Amazon does not really stop to surprise me with their vision. I mean Amazon itself is really broad and complicated so you really need to align your focus while learning the ins and outs of it. Coaches in our Amazon Masterclass really encourage us to at least learn or have a general knowledge first before choosing our main niche whether it could be Product Research or Inventory Management. I have already finished the masterclass but still, I’m learning more through tutorials on Youtube or in our Amazon Masterclass Facebook Group, I mean I have to maximize the resources on the web. What’s really interesting is that our Amazon Masterclass Community is still conducting about 3-4 monthly webinars so that students can learn more and expand their Amazon knowledge more.

While I was browsing in my Facebook Newsfeed, I saw this article about Amazon’s new smart shopping cart that lets you check out without a cashier! Imagine that! I was like, wait. Am I reading it right? Wow. We are really transforming into a modern digital world. So this Dash Cart tracks items as shoppers add them, then automatically charges them when they remove the grocery bags, allowing them to skip the checkout line. Cool right?! Maybe you are still doubting.. So let me elaborate, first, the shoppers must have an Amazon account and a smartphone to use a Dash Cart so that upon entering the store, users can scan a QR code, located in the Amazon app, that signs them into the cart and loads Alexa shopping lists. What’s even interesting is that as shoppers add and remove items, the display on the front of the cart adjusts the total price as well! So when they are ready to leave the store, shoppers would have to exit in the special lane where it will automatically charge the credit card linked to the shopper’s Amazon Account and the shoppers will receive an email for a copy of the receipt.

Isn’t it cool? From developing Alexa-powered products and now they have this Dash Cart. I really see great potential in Amazon.

PS. Photos and Videos : ctto


Letting of a lil water ;)

Dear friend,

In case no one asks you, let me do the job of asking.

How are you doing? How was your day?

I know everything seems so heavy in life right now.

A lot of chaotic thoughts running in our minds.

Those familiar feelings of sadness and pain seem coming back again.

It feels like you have been carrying the weight too much.

Somehow, you were thinking, where did it start?

Somedays, you feel the tiredness, but you can’t feel the pain.

You were surrounded by people, but you felt alone.

You were smiling, but you felt the sadness.

What’s happening with you?

Maybe it was you being numb?

It’s okay.

It’s normal to feel lost.

It’s normal to feel numb.

And. It’s normal to cry.

Cry as much as you can.

Somehow, those heavy feelings will be lighter if we can let them go.

Little by little.

I know it’s hard.

BUT I know you can.


Cry as hard as you can.

I’m rooting for you, my friend.


Hakuna Matata!

Timon and Pumbaa: Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase!
Hakuna Matata, ain’t no passing craze
Simba: It means no worries for the rest of your days
Timon: Yeah, sing, kid!
Timon and Simba: It’s our problem-free…
Pumbaa: philosophy!
All: Hakuna Matata!

Yes. Hakuna Matata! Who doesn’t know that phrase? Well, of course, if you are a Disney fan, you have already watched Lion King and they have actually sung that phrase. “Hakuna Matata” is a Swahili phrase that is literally translated as “There are no worries.” Right! No worries. I have been thinking lately about the world’s future, with this pandemic crisis happening right now. When will the world finally recover? When will be the time nations will be confident to go out of their houses without facemasks and face shield? Why is this happening to the world? Etc, etc, etc!

Yes, the pandemic crisis really changed our lives in just a snap. But you know what? We still have to be grateful that we have learned a lot during this crisis right? I mean we started to have these deep realizations, we are now taking care of not just our physical bodies, but as well our mental health and it’s really a good thing as we appreciate little things in life do really matter.

Hakuna Matata! In a life full of mysteries, let us learn to say “Hakuna Matata!”

I always said this to myself when I don’t understand life, “God’s thoughts are HIGHER than my thoughts” YES! We may not understand why is this happening right now, but later we will realize and know the answer with our Whys. All we have to do now is to stay put and stop worrying because God has a reason for everything. We just have to put all of our trust in Him and we shall be in peace.

Here’s the video link for The Lion’s King Hakuna Matata Watch and let’s all shout Hakuna Matata! 😀


Romans 12:14

It’s normal to have bad days. Life may throw us challenges where we will feel the pain and say “Life is unfair. Really unfair.” BUT it doesn’t mean that it will be like that forever, right?

We may feel the bitterness and might say bad things as well to others who caused us pain, but does it feel right? Does it change the situation? Does something good happen to you? Absolutely NONE. 

It’s a long process, it’s a healing process that we need to learn once in our life. As Seohyun says, “People with good hearts are the ultimate winners.” Cliché as it may seem but it is true, right? At the end of the day, we will feel peace in our hearts when we know that we didn’t do bad things to others. 

I know it’s really hard not to feel bitter, but as I say it’s a learning process. Once you acknowledged that you were hurt, instead of hurting back that person, why pray for her to find peace in her heart? Why not pray for yourself as well to be generous in forgiving someone? Once you curse the people who hurt you, what’s the difference between the two of you? 

Always remember that life may cause us pain today, BUT life will be better in time. Being generous in forgiving people takes time, it really needs courage not to feel bitter about the pain, instead, bless the people. Take one step at a time. Little by little until you get to the point where you have the genuine heart that is willing to forgive. In that way, you can be a light in this world. You will radiate in this dark world, you will touch many lives that they’ll say that “Wow, she has a wonderful God!”