Hello, world.
I’ve decided to create a blog for me to express my thoughts I can’t say out loud.
Cause FYI, I’m one of those awkward kids whose words were too expensive to buy.
I’m a big snob. I hate speaking with people.
I mean I’m not really comfortable communicating and interacting with people.
It’s not that I’m shy, I just hate it.
I found it exhausting.

But hey.
Can online blogging be interpreted as public speaking?
I’m surprisingly sharing out my thoughts loud in worldwide web too.
The thing is mine are unspoken words….
And now. I’m confused.

PS. Today marks my first time blogging.

I hope this will help me stressed out my thoughts and as well know myself more.

Yeah. That’s it. Thanks.

18 thoughts on “First!

  1. You took the first step, the most important part of your journey ! Kudos to that ! I can relate to being an introvert and how an introvert faces problems in “talking” out loud in front of people. Keep going, and never stop !

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